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meet kylie

Kylie is a mixed media artist and muralist based out of Grand Rapids, MI. She has a BFA with emphasis in Printmedia from Western Michigan University. Kylie's work is influenced by the contemporary and constantly changing world, and creating connections and community through this. She creates work that is large and immersive using vibrant colors to catch the viewer's attention and spread a message. Kylie is also interested in questioning commonly accepted aspects of our society and creating a conversation around this. In addition to crazy, colorful murals and paintings, Kylie has become interested in slow fashion and creating sustainable looks from repurposed clothes and materials.


Kylie’s work and murals can be found in the wild at some of Lansing’s favorite locations such as Good Truckin diner, as well as Perrin Brewing and outside of New Holland (The Knickerbocker) in Grand Rapids. More projects and locations coming soon!

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